Voodoo Vaudeville

has existed as a company since 1999. The first show was at Komedia in Dec 1999, it was an anarchic mix of bravado, brouhaha and art comedy and went on to create a cult following with its kooky comperes Lennie and Morris and their mixture of improvised comedy, puppets, dances and audience participation. Time passed and the emphasis changed; the comperes disappeared, other characters and sensibilities emerged and Voodoo gradually emerged in its present incarnation: a themed theatre cabaret night with its roots in circus, rebel rock music, vaudeville and original form burlesque.
From its inception it has been the brainchild of Chris Cresswell (with inspired interventions from the inimitable Ruth Glaser). Chris has taken it from its anarchic art comedy beginnings to a place where it can fulfil many roles. Read More