Who do the Voodoo

Chris Cresswell

 Chris Creswell

is a cabaret artist, actor and director. He studied drama at Loughborough University and has an MA in Circus and Theatre from Middlesex University. He is artistic director of Voodoo Vaudeville, and artistic director of junk percussionist Clatteratti. His training and work have included 5 years touring with comedy circus Ra Ra Zoo playing to international audiences including tours of the USA and the Far East. He has appeared on numerous television commercials around the world, as well as appearing on Blue Peter, The Generation Game, and recently appeared as Prodnose in Tim Burton’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Chris has taught at Circus Space in London, Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, Die Etage Theatre School Berlin and most recently at Chichester University.

Ruth Glaserruth-glaser

Like Agnetha Falksgog, Ruth Glaser was co-founder of the comedic excitement of Voodoo. From Leonora Dancer to doing different things like grow vegetables, create the Self Referential Nomenclative Lexicon of War Dead, get a job and have a baby. This photograph is 25 years old

Baby Warhol


Baby Warhol is an oracle for the new age, a guru with no message, just a coruscating wit and waspish sense of logic. Whilst bearing an uncanny beyond the grave resemblance, the baby is no relation to the artist. Over the years the baby has built up a reputation for ruthless repartee and a cult following by appearing during other shows including DNA Cabaret and The Lennie and Morris Show manifesting at odd intervals to answer questions from the audience covering the personal, the philosophical and the improper. Knowing that audiences are hungry for the baby he is now in free orbit.

Notable Past and Occasional Members

Many have come, shared and moved onto better things, occasionally revisiting us for the odd show, we salute them!

KT Simpson


KT Simpson started performing back in 1985 at the beginning of the new circus/theatre movement, where she point blankly refused to wear spangley lycra leotards and flesh coloured tights. She flew through the air in radical urban street shows, and balanced on anything from motorbikes to Cuban acrobats. In 2002 she co-founded Can Booty Can the notorious Can Can troupe that headlined Lost Vagueness at Glastonbury. Whilst shakin’ her arse and kicking her legs she discovered the delights of Voodoo Vaudeville and started to wield her riding crop, performing and co-directing some of the crazy scenarios and dances that make Voodoo Vaudeville the unforgettable experience that it is.

Rachel Blackman


Rachel Blackman is a multiskilled performer and theatre maker. She makes her own work as Still Point, is a founding member of award winning comedy outfit, The Maydays and notoriously, played the bazooka wielding dyke in Matrix Revolutions. Voodoo adventures have included time-travel, cunniligual gorillas and landing planes using her famed semaphore nipple-tassle techniques.

Claire Corfield


Claire Corfield trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, graduating in 2002. Since then she has worked extensively as a comedy actress in TV, Film and Radio. Working with Voodoo Vaudeville also provided the opportunity to direct and she worked closely with Chris on a number of projects; The Roaring 20′s, Fantasmagoria, Vampires of Variety and Skin of the Moon.

Miriam (Mim) King


Mim King is an Artist, Choreographer, Dancer, Performer, and Filmmaker born in London, living in Brighton, working internationally. She commenced her professional performance career in 1984. Cabaret work involves some charming strangeness and occasional contortion. Current work is as Artist in Residence at The Point, Eastleigh, Hants.

Anita Clements


Anita Clements is a member of two comedy troupes, Dodgy Totty and Logical Stupidity. A prolific writer, Anita has recenty completed a Feature Screenplay. Currently playing the lead in a short film for BAFTA winning director Vincent O’Connell and for Second Impression Theatre’s spoof, “007 – My Other Life” for Brighton Festival.

John Hinton


John Hinton appeared in Voodoo Vaudeville shows Skin of the Moon, The Roaring 20′s, The Baby Warhol Experience, Mardi Gras and Fantasmagoria. Trained in physical theatre at Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Lead singer in intergalactic pop combo Spalien Acecraft. GSOH.

Katy Schutte


Katy Schutte is a burlesque and comedy performer. She’s been doing shows with Voodoo Vaudeville since their 2007 Edinburgh show. Katy works with Pole Passion and Seven Veils Productions teaching and performing pole, lap, strip and burlesque techniques. She’s also a voice-over artist, Funny Woman finalist and improv comic.

Avis Cockbill


Avis Cockbill is a dancer, clown, comedian and artist. She has been one half of the Perverted Turkeys: purveyors of supreme dance comedy cabaret and co-founded The Two Wrongies performance company. Her love of music is leading to new artistic collaborations with musicians and producers in the not too distant future.

Hilde Cannoodt


Hilde Cannoodt had been teaching, performing and choreographing belly dance for many years. With her experience in street dance, Egyptian dance, tribal belly dance and flamenco dance she has created an eclectic dance style where East meets West and it has made her a popular teacher and performer throughout the UK.

Dan Shelton


Dan Shelton trained in the depths of the Voodoo Vaudeville dungeons a physical performer who has been a clown, a gorilla and a circus strongman. Since 2001 he has been performing with High Spin dance company, touring festivals and events angle grinding and stiltwalking with WE3, posted himself to Tate Britain after winning the creative minority award, and passed on his skills as a workshop leader with young people and community groups. Dan is currently training at Central School of Speech and Drama exploring screen acting.

Lux Velvet


Lux Velvet, the dark and saucy hostess will greet you as you enter the world of Voodoo Vaudeville. Chris found her locked in an attic feeding on bats and young boys , and now lets her out to have fun on the condition that she looks after the audience as if they were her own. She only comes out at night when all her simmering carnal desires are allowed to wander freely, so let her usher you into the world of Voodoo.

Simon Wilkinson


Simon Wilkinson is a Brighton based artist and film maker and Director of prodction company JUNK TV.
Since 1997 he has been working as a writer and film director on a massive range of video shorts, theatrical video inserts, viral ads and is currently completing a new feature film ‘The Phoenix Club’.

Briony Dace


Character accordion extraordinaire! From sea shanties to Klezma, french waltzes to cockney Briony Dace, a.k.a Betsy Lace, plays them all… Including her own compositions of love and unrequited murder.
She has voodoo-ed from Brighton to Edinburgh leaving a trail of irish hearts a flutter behind her